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Frame Kit LML for Vespa Star

125/150 2T
also for Vespa PX80-200/PE/`98
9-parts, metal, silver, incl.
side panels, glove box,
handle bar, mudguard and
horn cover,
Grade C - low-priced repairs

Complete Frame Set, with paintwork and ready for assembly. New from the LML Star production – Including sidepanels, toolbox, mudguard, complete headset and horncover.


The frame of the LML Star scooter is, excepting a few minor details, identical to the frame used for the Vespa PX Lusso, MY and '98 models. The frame sets we have available include full factory paintwork, which means that a completely new scooter can be assembled with freshly painted new parts! The whole package can be purchased for the price of a professional paint-job! This has been made possible due to the sets containing parts that were not used in the end production of their scooters due to them having slight imperfections and failing the factory quality control.


The sets consist of factory produced parts rejected for production use.


This means that the paintwork is not as good as it should be and has slight inconsistencies. They can be found in the form of scratches, unpolished areas, discolouring, etc. or also small dents and misshaped frame edges.


Each set includes:

Frame, sidepanels, mudguard, headset, headset cover, gear-selector grip, glovebox and a horncover.


Certain parts, such as the horn, are attached differently to the frame than on PIAGGIO PX models. To mount the steering assembly the LML mounting kit is also necessary. The headset cover and front mudguard are designed to accept a disc brake mechanism for the front wheel. The frames are delivered without a Vehicle Identification Number and you should consult your local vehicle testing agency before replacing an existing scooters frame. The rust protection on these parts is not particularly well applied so we recommend the use of a frame cavity preservation treatment prior to final assembly.


These sets are available in these original colours:

- White

- Black

- Silver

- Red


Due to the size of these sets they require delivery by a freight forwarding agency. This service also involves special delivery rates that can vary according to the delivery location.


Conclusion: An economic basis for a complete scooter restoration/rebuild.


SIP–TIP: Do not forget to order the LML steering assembly mounting kit (#J60042300)!

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Frame & Horn Cover

999,00 €
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