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Contact Breaker for Vespa

90 2°/R 2°/100/125 PV 2°
also for PIAGGIO Ape 50-250
long, with pin
Grade B - decent repair

The contact breaker is in place to interrupt the power created between the ignition coil located on the stator plate, and the flywheel magnets at the right moment in order to send a high tension pulse to the spark plug, so creating an ignition spark. The teamwork between the contact breaker and the stator leads to the electromagnetic field collapsing and so creating the ignition pulse inductively through the secondary generator coils. The contact is broken mechanically with the force created by the magnets located in the flywheel, which leads to inevitable erosion and wear.


We can supply contact breaker units for virtually all pre-electronic ignition VESPA and Lambretta motors. To find out which contact breaker unit you needn use your specific engine number and the country it was produced in or imported to and please check our extensive listings at our website. If the listings in the catalogue prove insufficient please look at our website for more details. The condensers we stock are produced by the PIAGGIO OE Italian manufacturer EFFE. We also offer a good and propitious alternative.


Conclusion: Contact breaker units, should be changed regularly and also included in your glove-box for the longer runs.


SIP-TIP: While replacing this item always change the condenser (or capacitor) at the same time. A feeler gauge (part no. 60825000) makes the whole job a lot easier.

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  141838 (PIAGGIO)

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Engine APE 50cc

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icon scootermodels This product fits the following models
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA 50 Special 50 V5B3T 2T AC `75-`83 (A) (B) 375989 ->, with indicator
VESPA 50 Special 50 V5B3T 2T AC `75-`83 (USA) (PR)
VESPA 90 90 V9A1T 2T AC `63-`84 79487 ->
VESPA 90 Racer 90 V9SS2T 2T AC `71-`74 10514 ->
VESPA 100 (UK) / 100 Sport (US) 100 V9B1T 2T AC `78-`90
VESPA 125 Primavera 125 VMA2T 2T AC `67-`83 78884 ->

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