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Beading legshield

for Vespa 125 VNB3-6T/150 VBA
also for Vespa 125 VNA/VNB1-2T
silver, aluminium, soft, one
Grade C - low-priced repairs

The legshields on the earliest Vespa models had to survive without any form of protection around their exposed edges. The Vespa models produced in the sixties received the first edge protection from the factory. These useful accessories not only protected the easily damaged legshield edges but also enabled the fitting of mirrors.

Earlier small and largeframe Vespa models, produced up to the era of the PK and PX/T5/Cosa ranges were fitted with legshield beading made of aluminium. These one-piece legshield beading can only be fitted properly with the use of a dedicated legshield beading mounting tool. The beading itself require gentle reshaping before mounting to avoid damaging the scooters paintwork. Alongside the premium reproduction legshield beadings and of course the original PIAGGIO items we also have another version available. These are produced using a slightly more flexible aluminium alloy and are much easier to fit than the originals.

The more sport-orientated Vespa GS/SS/Rally models were factory equipped with chromed two-piece legshield beadings. These items a very simple to attach and are firmly held in place by a series of grub screws located on the inner side of the beadings. We have these available made by CUPPINNI , PASCOLI and a number of other Italian premium division manufacturers. This type of legshield beading is also available for other Vespa models and look especially stylish when combined with other chromed accessories.

From the eighties PIAGGIO equipped their Vespa models with plastic one-piece legshield beadings. These can of course be retro-fitted to earlier Vespa models and are very popular as they are extremely easy to fit to the legshields. These plastic versions can even be pushed into position without removing the toolbox or steering assembly.

The chromed double beadings are originate from the sixties. They are always produced as two-piece items and are also held in place by grub screws hidden along the inner edge. They are ideal in combination with other chromed accessories, such as mirrors, lights, floorboard runners and badges etc..

Conclusion : A legshield beading to suit every style and occasion!


SIP-TIP : Why not also invest in a chromed set of floor runners and some extra mirrors? If chrome don't come in your home try the plastic versions?


Alex, scooter dealer and coach-builder, May 2017:

?I attached the rubber edging and I must say it was really simple to mount! Most definitely recommendable! Slipped into place with no fuss or hassle and was also easily adjusted into its final position.?

OEM Numbers (for the purpose of comparison)  084930 (PIAGGIO)

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Chassis & Horncover

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icon scootermodels This product fits the following models
divider Producer/Model divider cc divider Type divider Engine divider Yr. of Const. divider Extra
VESPA 125 125 VNT1-2 2T AC `60-`62
VESPA 125 (T1/125) (D) 125 VNA1-2 2T AC `57-`59 not in series
VESPA 125 (T2/125) (D) 125 VNB1-6 2T AC `59-`65 VNB1-2T not in series
VESPA 125 (T2/125) (D) 125 VNB1-6 2T AC `59-`65 VNB3-6T
VESPA 150 150 VBB1-2 2T AC `60-`67
VESPA 150 150 VBA1T 2T AC `58-`60
VESPA 150 (T4/150) (D) 150 VGLA-B 2T AC `59-`65 not in series

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